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The perfect cup of tea, every time.

  • World's first mug with automatic infusion
  • Can use loose tea or tea bags
  • No more over-infused tea, no more bitterness
  • 3 infusion cycles: 3, 4 or 5 minutes
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Solo Tea Mug

"With just one click of a button, my SoloTea mug releases a cloud of perfectly brewed tea."

—Mr. Phi & Tea

Heaven in a Cup!

  • Exclusive system
  • Adjust infusion time based on type of tea
  • FDA approved
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • BPA Free
  • Battery operated, no wires or cords

How to Use

  • 1Add your tea. You can use loose leaf tea or tea bags.
  • 2Pour in hot water, and push the button to start steeping.
  • 3Wait for the LED light to turn off.
  • 4Enjoy your perfect cup of tea!

Once the LED signal turns off, your tea is ready!

Operation is 100% automatic, by active circulation of hot water through the infusion chamber. This system fully offers improved oxygenation of the water-flow, allowing the tea leaves to dance freely in the infusion chamber. Our patented infusion system fully expresses the qualitative potential of your favorite tea.

Comes in All your Favorite Colors

The Solo Tea mug comes in four colors (pink, grey, blue, and red) to match your personal taste. Because of its 100% automatic operation, your tea will never be over-infused or bitter. Designed for maximum comfort, Solo Tea is lightweight, durable, compact, and easily transportable. Enjoy your tea when you want it!

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Every mug comes with 3 AAA batteries.

Long lasting! Get 200-250 tea cycles from your Solo Tea Mug off of one set of batteries.

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The Smartest Mug for Tea

  • 3 infusion times (3, 4 and 5 minutes). Infusion cycle can also be stopped anytime for a tailor-made infusion!
  • 100% automatic operation by active circulation of hot water through the infusion chamber
  • Exclusive patented system "zero over-infusion" for a drink with perfect flavors
  • Automatic stop with LED signal "tea ready"
  • Closable lid with flexible spout
Order Now - $39.99

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